Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ground Control Art Opening at the Public Salon

Last week my friend, the artist Micke Tong, had an awesome art show called "Ground Control" open at the Public Salon in San Francisco. In addition to showing his work in galleries all over the US and Asia, Micke is also the dude who created the album artwork for my band Loquat.
I DJ'ed the show, so I only took a few pics, but I wanted to share what I had with you.

About the art: "Ground Control" is a collection of mostly small sculptures of tiny, imaginary cityscapes that are really, really incredible to see. My favorite sort of art is the kind that makes you consider a subject deeply, but is also just entertaining to look at. These pieces were definitely along those lines.

Check these out from his show:

The spot was cool - it's a sort of old school barber shop that also shows art and has a really hip, but also really friendly, kind of vibe. My wife is gonna get her haircut there in a few weeks. Good times.

Some Party Pics:

DJ Rantz, Green Figueroa, Party Hat Lady
David Ricardo from the band B and Not B plays "Eye of the Tiger" at an impromptu performance by the band.
Artist/Racontuer Micke Tong
Drinking Art Lover

After the reception, we had a little impromptu after party at one of San Francisco's finest dive bars, The High Dive. Enjoy some moments:

Tony Sison and Friends
Smiling at the Bar
Having a laugh

Ari x6

You can find full sets of pics of the reception here:

The Afterparty here:


Micke Tong's Ground Control website: http://micketong.wordpress.com

Public Salon: http://publicbarbersalon.com

And finally, all my pictures are archived here:


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